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Automatic Payments & Paperless Billing

Enroll in paperless billing and payment programs online.

An email lets you know when your bill is ready.

Review bills safely and securely with 24×7 access.

Pay your bill online and register for automatic bank draft. Your monthly utility bill can be automatically withdrawn from your banking institution for no fee.
There are two ways to sign up:

    1. Online by creating an e-biz account. Once you have an account, log in and on the left-hand side, select communications, go paperless and then recurring bank draft -or-
    2. Print the automatic payment form, attach a voided check and send it back with your next payment or drop it off at our office.

Additional Payment Options


Our office is open during business hours for walk-in payment.


ALP Office- 316 Fillmore St., Alexandria MN 56308

Energy Assistance

If you need help paying your electric utility bills, you may qualify for state or federal assistance. For complete qualifications and application information, contact:

Douglas County Social Services

809 Elm Street
P.O. Box 3001
Alexandria, MN 56308
(320) 762-2302

West Central Community Action, Inc.

Industrial Park Blvd.
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
(218) 685-4486
(800) 492-4805

Budget Billing

ALP Utilities has budget billing available to customers that have electric heat and own their homes. Customers with electric heat have higher electric bills during the winter months and lower bills when the weather is not as cold. These fluctuations can make budgeting for your utility bill difficult.

ALP’s budget billing program allows you to even out your energy costs over the course of a year through a fixed payment each month. With this payment plan, you will not experience high bill surprises in the months you use the most electricity and your budget is easier to manage. We reconcile your account at the end of each year.

To qualify for this program, we need at least 12 months of utility history at your current residence and your balance must be current. Your budget payment is due by the due date on your bill. If you are interested, or if you have any questions about this program, contact our office.

Current Rebates

Residential LED Lighting

Screw-in LED bulb: $1.50
LED Fixture or Retrofit Kit: $4.00
(Rebate will not exceed the purchase price of the bulb.)

Download, complete and return the residential LED lighting rebate application form.

pdf icon Residential LED Lighting Rebate Form (pdf)

Energy Star Clothes Washer: $25
Energy Star Refrigerator: $25
Energy Star Dehumidifier: $25
Energy Star Room/Window Air Conditioner: $25

Download, complete and return the appliance rebate application form.

pdf icon Appliance Rebate Form (pdf)
Heating & Cooling

Residential Central AC or Heat Pump: $250-$450
Geothermal Heat Pumps: $200/ton
Natural Gas or Electric Furnace w/ Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM): $150
Energy Star Smart Thermostats controlling Central Air Conditioning: $25
Heat Pump Water Heaters: $100

Download, complete and return the HVAC rebate application form.

pdf icon HVAC Rebate Form (pdf)
Quality Install Cooling

To find out more information about our Quality Install Cooling Program, please head over to our Bright Energy Solutions page.

For a list of certified quality install contractors, Click Here

pdf icon Quality Install Cooling Program Rebate Form (pdf)
Energy Star Thermostat

EnergyStar Smart Thermostat: $25
(Please see Heating and Cooling for all other devices.)

Download, complete and return the EnergyStar thermostat rebate form.

pdf icon EnergyStar-Smart Thermostat Rebate Form (pdf)
AC/Heat Pump Tune-Up

Air Conditioner/Heat Pump Tune-Up: $30

Download, complete and return the appliance rebate application form.

pdf icon AC/Heat Pump Tune-Up Rebate Form (pdf)
Lighting Retrofits

Download, complete and return the commercial lighting retrofit rebate application form.

pdf icon Commercial Lighting Retrofit Rebate Form (pdf)
New Construction Lighting

Download, complete and return the new construction lighting application form.

pdf icon New Construction Lighting Rebate Form (pdf)
Heating & Cooling

Central air systems and chillers
Roof-top units (RTU) and optimizers
Air-source heat pumps
Mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps
Ground-source heat pumps (geothermal)
Packaged terminal units (PTAC and PTHP)
Window and wall air conditioners
ECM in new residential-style furnace/air handler/fan coil
Programmable thermostats
Heat-pump water heaters
Guest room energy management systems
Demand-controlled ventilation
Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs)- if not required by code
Window film

Download, complete and return the heating and cooling for business or high-efficiency quality install cooling for businesses rebate application form.

pdf icon Heating and Cooling For Business Rebate Form (pdf)
pdf icon High-Efficiency Quality Install Cooling Rebate Form (pdf)
VFDs & Pumps

Variable frequency drives (VFDs)
Energy efficient pumps

Download, complete and return the pump and VFDs for the business rebate application form.

pdf icon Pump & VFDs For Business Rebate Form (pdf)
Compressed Air Services

Compressed air leak survey
VFD air compressors
Engineered compressed air nozzles
No-loss air drains
Cycling refrigerated dryers
Dew-point demand controls
Mist eliminators

Download, complete and return the compressed air service efficiency rebate application form.

pdf icon Compressed Air Service Efficiency Rebate Form (pdf)
Commercial Refrigeration/Food Service

Electric fryer, griddles, steam cookers, convection ovens, hot-food holding cabinets
Refrigerators, freezers, ice machines
Commercial dishwashers (with electric heating)
Electronically commutated motors (ECMs) in various applications
LED reach-in refrigerated case lighting
Replacement of open multi-deck coolers or freezers with glass door reach-in-case
Low-heat reach-in-freezer case doors

Download, complete and return the commercial refrigeration or food service for business rebate application form.

pdf icon Commercial Refrigeration Rebate Form (pdf)
pdf icon Food Service For Business Rebate Form (pdf)
Custom Incentive

Provides incentives for energy-saving measures that are not covered by other Bright Energy Solutions programs
Incentive is based on effectiveness of measure
Pre-approval of project is required

Download, complete and return the custom incentive for business application form.

pdf icon Custom Incentive For Business Rebate Form (pdf)