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About ALP Utilities

ALP Utilities is Alexandria’s municipal utility which serves residents with electric, water and business communication services. ALP Utilities not only provides essential services, it also powers the success of our community.

Business Office: 316 Fillmore Street, Alexandria MN 56308
Electric Meters: Residential 7,993; Commercial 1,757; Total 9,750
Water Meters: Residential 3,099; Commercial 978; Total 4,077
Employees: 36

Business Office: 316 Fillmore Street, Alexandria MN 56308

Electric Power Supply

ALP Utilities purchases about 35 percent of its power from Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). WAPA is one of four Federal power marketing administrations. It markets and transmits about 10,500 megawatts of power from 56 hydropower plants.

The other 65 percent is purchased from Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). MRES is a joint action agency of 61 municipal electric utilities in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. MRES offers its members an 84% carbon free wholesale power mix that includes hydro, wind, solar, nuclear and fossil generation sources. Additional generation is provided from smaller generating units that are located, owned, operated, and maintained by member utilities.

Missouri River 2020 Power Supply Mix


ALP Utilities uses eReliability Tracker software to track reliability metrics. Development of this software was supported by a grant from APPA’s DEED (Demonstration of Energy and Efficiency Developments) program. This software is designed to provide excellent outage data collection and categorization services with good introductory coverage of the standard IEEE 1366 metrics for public power.

2020 Performance

Index  ALP Utilities Regional Average National Average
SAIDI (minutes) 11.97 42.04 139.16
CAIDI (minutes) 32.41 81.24 143.52
SAIFI (# of interruptions) 0.37 0.57 0.86
MAIFI (# of interruptions) 0.07 0.72 0.6

SAIDI: Average interruption duration (in minutes) for customers served by the utility system during a specific time.
CAIDI: Average duration (in minutes) of an interruption experienced by customers during a specific period.
SAIFI: Average number of instances a customer on the utility system will experience an interruption during a specific time.
MAIFI: Average number of times a customer on the utility system will experience a momentary interruption.

Interconnection Requests

ALP Utilities facilitates interconnection to our 115kV transmission utilizing documentation guidelines from Otter Tail Power Company’s website at

Purchase Power Adjustment Clause

The Purchase Power Adjustment Clause allows ALP to automatically raise or lower its rates by $0.01/kWh increments in response to purchased power cost increases or decreases.