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Residential Water

As a water customer of ALP Utilities, you will receive a high-quality product that meets every federal and state standard for safe drinking water.

ALP serves over 3,000 residential water customers and produces an average of 1.4 million gallons of water per day. The average ALP residential customer uses 50,760 gallons of water per year. What you pay for water provides adequate system maintenance, capital improvements and chemicals, and assures a safe drinking water supply. View our water service policy.

To view ALP Utilities finished water analysis, click here.

Utility Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

2020 Monthly Facilities Charges

Meter Size:2019 RateNew Rate
Irrigation Meter$2
Up to 3/4 “$13.50$14.35
1 1/2″$22.40$27

2020 Residential Usage Charges

Per 1,000 Gallons2019 RateNew Rate

Starting January 1, 2020 a new summer seasonal rate structure similar to the current electric rate structure will be implemented. As a result, a typical residential water customer with a ¾” meter, using 4,000 gallons of water will see an average increase of $1.22 per month.

Water Quality Reports

ALP Utilities is required to provide a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) to our customers. The CCR summarizes information regarding water resources used (i.e., rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers), any detected contaminants, compliance and educational information on contaminants.

Please contact us at 320-763-6501 if you would like to receive a printed copy of the CCR or have any questions.

Current Consumer Confidence/Water Quality Report

Connection To City Water

Interested in connecting to city water? Through the orderly annexation process, many ALP customers have city water available to their property. We encourage customers to take advantage of the water quality difference city water provides. If you have questions about your property, please call our office at 320.763.6501.

Free Well Closure

Have you connected to city water in recent years, yet still have a well on your property? ALP will seal your well for free. Sealing your unused well will help protect groundwater and reduce maintenance on your property. To schedule your well to be sealed, contact Klimek Brothers Well Drilling at 320.762.8669.

Sewer Service

ALP Utilities is contracted by Alexandria Lakes Area Sanitary District (ALASD) to bill monthly sewer charges.

Rates are set by ALASD’s board of directors. If you have questions about sewage rates or are experiencing problems with your sewer system, contact ALASD at 320-762-1135.

Residential Sewer:  $27.75/Mo.

Water Shut Off/Turn On Process

To have the main water supply shut off/turned on to your residence please call 320-763-6501.
The service line will be turned off/on at the curb stop by ALP Utilities staff normally located between your home and main water line.

Shut off requirements:
-Must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance
-You do not need to be home for shut off
-Disconnection fee of $50 will be applied to your account

Turn on requirements:
-Must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance
-You must be home for the water to be turned back on
-Re-connection fee of $50 will be applied to your account


ALP Utilities is transitioning to new billing and payment software effective July 1, 2020. Please note, as our system conversion takes place, July bills will be received later than normal.


As part of this software change our online account management application will change. After we launch on July 1, our online account management will be operating through a new billing and payment system called SmartHub.


If you are enrolled in auto pay your enrollment will automatically transfer. You may also continue to make payments via check, cash and e bill through your bank.


In order for you to continue to receive an electronic bill, as well as pay your bill online, you are required to re-register as a new user through SmartHub. You can get details on how to register for SmartHub at:


You may register your new SmartHub account on the web or on your smartphone July 1. 


We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance of this change.