ALP Utilities is conducting a survey among its customers to gather insights and opinions on the utility’s services and to identify areas for improvement. The survey is open through May 30, 2023.

“Our customer survey, which should only take a few minutes to fill out, is a proactive approach to understanding our customers’ needs and preferences,” said Ted Cash, General Manager. “We encourage all customers to take the survey and ensure their voices are heard.”

Customers can find the digital survey on ALP’s website and social media, as well as bill insert sent from the utility with May billing. Printed versions of the survey are available upon request.

Take the ALP Utilities survey

GreatBlue Research, Inc., an independent survey company, is managing the survey. As required by the Code of Ethics of the National Council on Public Polls and the United States Privacy Act of 1974, GreatBlue Research, Inc., maintains the anonymity of respondents to surveys. No information will be released that reveals the identity of the respondent to ALP.  

“The survey results will help ALP better understand perceptions of the utility, including satisfaction with customer service, communication methods, renewable energy, and use and interest in programs and services,” said Cash.” “The outcome of this research will enable us to more clearly understand, and ultimately set, customer expectations while creating a strategic roadmap to increase customer satisfaction.”

If you have any questions about the survey, please get in touch with ALP at 320-763-6501 or email