2023 Rate Adjustments

During its November 21 meeting, the Alexandria Board of Public Utilities approved a 4% electric and 6% water rate increase for 2023.

After three consecutive years without an increase in electric rates, a 2022 electric rate study determined an increase is necessary to offset the rising cost of purchased power, distribution equipment and capital infrastructure projects such as a system-wide meter upgrade beginning in 2023.

The adjustment increases the residential monthly customer charge from $19 to $20. The energy rate (kWh) for the months of October – June will be $.079 and for the months of July – September $.099. The average ALP residential customer, utilizing 750 kWh, will see a monthly increase in their bill of $3.25.

For large commercial customers, the monthly facilities charge will go from $50 to $55. The kWh rate will remain the same at $.04/kWh. Demand rates for June, July and August will go from $18.00/kVa to $19.15/kVa and the months September through May it will go from $12.75 to $13.80.

The board also approved a 6% overall water increase beginning January 1.

The water rate increase affects monthly facilities and usage charges for residential and commercial customers.

This rate change allows us to continue to maintain and improve reliability in both the water treatment and water distribution systems. As a result, a typical residential water customer with a ¾” meter using 4,000 gallons of water will see an average increase of $1.68 per month.

As we look forward to a New Year, ALP continues to seek out ways to innovate, embrace new technologies and put best practices in place.

It is our goal to continue to go above and beyond to improve the communities we serve through excellence.

ALP Utilities is community-owned and operated and rates are regularly reviewed by our local governing board and adjusted to reflect the costs of providing reliable and quality service to our customers. We know rate increases affect our customers so we work hard to control costs and operate as efficiently as possible while providing some of the lowest electric rates in our region.

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