2019 Rate Adjustments

ALEXANDRIA, MN– During their December 7th Special Meeting the Alexandria Board of Public Works approved an overall 1% electric rate increase for ALP Utilities’ customers.

The adjustment increases the residential monthly customer charge from $17 to $19 while reducing the energy rate (kWh) from $.079 to $.076 for the months of September through May and increasing the rate from $.094 to $.096 for the months of June through August. The average ALP residential customer, utilizing 750 kWh, will see a monthly decrease in their bill of $.25.

The decision to adjust the electric rates came as a result of an independent cost of service study completed in 2018 by Missouri River Energy Services.

The board also approved an overall 5% water rate increase at the meeting. The average ALP residential water customer, utilizing 4,000 gallons, will see a monthly increase in their bill of $1.28.

ALP Utilities General Manager, Ted Cash, said, “These rate adjustments allow ALP to better reflect the actual cost of service to our diverse customer base. The Board of Public Works is taking strategic steps to secure ALP’s mission to provide our customers with safe and reliable electric and water utility services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.”