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  • New Construction: Application for Electric Service

     Service Contract with ALP Utilities, City of Alexandria, Minnesota


    The undersigned (hereinafter called the Applicant) hereby applies for electric service from ALP Utilities, the City of Alexandria’s municipally owned electric utility (hereinafter called ALP). The applicant and ALP agree to the following:


    1. When ALP makes electrical service available to the applicant, the applicant agrees to purchase from ALP and pay monthly to ALP for all electric energy or the demand and energy used at the location described below (hereinafter referred to as property). The applicant will pay according to the rate schedule and rules and regulations established by ALP.
    2. The applicant hereby grants to ALP the right and easement to construct, operate, repair and maintain underground and overhead service lines and electrical distribution appliances on the property and upon all streets, roads and highways abutting said Property. The applicant grants ALP the right to cut or trim trees where necessary to clear all parts of the electric system.
    3. The applicant agrees to comply with all laws of the State of Minnesota regulating the installation of electrical wiring and equipment and all rules and regulations as adopted by the State Board of Electricity and by ALP.
    4. The applicant hereby releases ALP and its employees from any and all liability of every kind and nature for damage which may occur from defective wiring at the Property or from failure to inspect said wiring and does hereby agree to hold ALP and its employees harmless from any and all such liability.
    5. ALP requires that all electric dual fuel and/or storage heating services must be formally applied for on application forms supplied by ALP with review of details and approval required before installation and connection. This regulation applies to all services, new or existing.
    6. The applicant will comply with and be bound by such rules and regulations as may be adopted by ALP from time to time.


    The acceptance of this application by ALP shall constitute an agreement between the applicant and ALP and the contract will remain in force until cancelled by written notice.

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