Since our Undergrounding Informational Meeting held September 7th of last year, ALP has been diligently attempting to encourage Lumen Technologies to underground their remaining services and vacate utility poles in and around the Cedar and Douglas Street neighborhoods. If Lumen does not underground their services, they will be the only remaining service on those poles.

Lumen has a contractual right to remain on the utility poles after ALP vacates. That right dates back to a Joint Pole Attachment Agreement signed in 1984. ALP currently plans to vacate the utility poles in your neighborhood in the spring of 2024. Pursuant to the 1984 contract, the utility poles become Lumen’s property and responsibility at that time if they still have services on the poles.

We are working to encourage Lumen to join the majority of other utilities operating in Alexandria and remove their remaining services from utility poles and underground in a joint utilities trench in the existing right of way. This would allow for the removal of utility poles in many areas of Alexandria. As of the date of this letter, we have not received official confirmation of Lumen’s intentions. ALP will continue to pursue this issue with Lumen.

If you would like to address an issue regarding a Lumen utility pole on your property, please address it to:
Linda Rooney
Senior Attorney
100 CenturyLink Drive, Monroe, LA 71203
[email protected]

ALP Utilities will send an update if more information becomes available. Thank you for your patience.