ENERGYTraK Load Profiler is an electronic software program that can help you better manage your electrical demand and energy usage. ENERGY TraK is offered by Automated Energy, Inc. (AEI). This tool allows you to view your kW, kVa, and kWh usage and conduct end-use analysis from data which is downloaded each night from the ALP meter serving your facilities. By seeing this information, you may be able to manage your load differently and help your bottom line.

ENERGYTraK Load Profiler Will Allow You To:

  • Look at the electric load profile for any date range you select
  • Examine your profile in any resolution you select (15 min to a year)
  • Overlay weather data on the profile to determine the savings from various load reduction or peak shaving activities
  • Use a comprehensive rate engine to model any rate and calculate the costs based upon your actual load profile
  • Normalize usage profiles of weather data
  • Compare historical usage to current usage
  • Benchmark your usage against any contributing factors (percentage occupancy, manufacturing output, sales volume, etc.) that are pertinent to your operations
  • Export consumption data in common data formats (XML, CSV, etc.) for use in your own accounting or benchmarking systems
  • Administrator functions include controlling user access to rate editor functions; the ability to change user passwords; and generating reports showing who is using the service and for how long

Contact our Energy Services Department (Vicki) at (320) 763-6501 to learn more about the service.

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