Commercial Electric

ALP Utilities provides power to 1,806 commercial electric accounts. At ALP Utilities we understand how important reliable electric service is to your daily business operations. Therefore, we strive to provide you with excellent customer service. View our electric service policy.

Utility Rates & Fees

Rates & Fees

Commercial vs Industrial Customer

Commercial: Customers maintaining a demand less than 50 kVA monthly.

Industrial: Customers exceeding a demand of 50 kVA in three or more consecutive months.

*Industrial accounts are subject to demand billing. There are two components charged in demand billing. One is for the amount of electricity consumed (kilowatt hours kWhs) during the entire billing period. The other charge is for electric demand (peak). Demand is measured in kVa (kilo-volt-amperes). The demand is tracked in 15 minute intervals and the highest 15 minute period in a month is used for billing.

New Construction

Customers planning to build a new structure that is in ALP’s service territory should inquire at ALP’s office about the availability of power to their property. New construction customers are required to fill out a New Construction Application for Electric Service before service will be provided to the lot. The customer is also responsible for complying with service deposit requirements. Please contact our office regarding new construction commercial service deposit requirements.

Download our New Construction Application below and email to: [email protected]

New Construction Application

Off-Peak Heating

Off-peak heating rates are available to customers that have electricity as their primary heat source and that also have a backup heating system. Eligible backup systems include storage heat, fuel oil, natural gas or propane. When demand for electricity is high, the electric heat source will be shut off (controlled). During the control time when the electric heat is shut off, the backup system needs to automatically provide the heat that is needed. The electric heat will be metered separately and receive the off-peak rate in the months of October through May. 

Industrial Off-Peak Rate No demand charge on off-peak load

If you would like to find out more or sign up, contact ALP at (320) 763-6501.

Cogeneration and Small Power Production Tariff

All customer generation in excess of their electrical energy requirement which flows back into ALP Utilities distribution system shall be paid at a rate of $0.0455/kWh.