Water FAQ

How much water does the average family use?

The average family of four uses approximately 5,400 gallons per month. This can vary considerably depending upon your lifestyle. If you feel your water usage is too high, check for leaky faucets and toilets. A leaky faucet can waste 300 gallons of water a month. A leaky toilet can waste 6,500 gallons of water a month. If you do finds leaks in your home, fixing them can reduce your water cost.

My water bill increased substantially this month. What's wrong?

Your water usage should be fairly constant year around. However it might increase in the summer if you fill a swimming pool, water your lawn, and/or frequently wash your vehicles. A sudden unexplained increase in water usage could be the result of a leak. Toilet leaks, in particular, are common and hard to notice until you've already had a high water bill.

How do I detect a leak in my toilet tank?

Toilet leaks are normally caused by a problem with a bad flapper valve, the flapper valve seat, the ball cock valve, the float arm, the overflow tube, or a combination of these parts. The best way to determine if your tank is leaking is to use a dye test. Simply place a dye tablet or three drops of food coloring in your tank. If the color appears in your toilet bowl within a few minutes, you have a leak and should consult a licensed plumber.

Will ALP work on the plumbing in my home?

No. ALP provides a water service line to your property line and the water meter. All lines running from the property line shut-off to your home and water pipes inside the home are the customer's responsibility.

Will ALP repair a leak in an underground water line on my property?

All lines past the property line are the homeowners and should be repaired by a plumber.

There's been water in the street from a leak for several days. Am I paying for this water?

No. Water leaking in the street is likely coming from an ALP distribution line and is not being charged to your bill. Please call us at (320) 763-6501 to report the leak.