Service Deposits

New residential customers of Alexandria Light and Power are required fill out an Application for Utility Service at our office before service will be established.

Service deposits of $150.00 are required of all new residential customers. The deposit may be waived for residential customers who can provide a good credit reference from a previous electric utility (12 months minimum required).

Deposits are refunded after a residential customer has established a satisfactory credit rating of 12 consecutive months of timely payments or upon termination of service. After termination of service, any unpaid balance due to ALP will be deducted from the amount of the customers deposit and the balance, if any will be refunded.

Deposits may later be required of existing customers if one of the following conditions exist:

Deposits will draw interest annually at the rate set by Minnesota Statutes, Section 325E.02. The annual interest payment will be credited to the customer's account in January of each year.