ALP Business Communications

If your company needs to exchange data quickly, fiber can do it. If your company leases communication lines, our fiber network can save you money while providing faster data transfer speeds. There are no contracts with our service. Changes to your connection speed can be made promptly by the ALP staff.

Call ALP today at (320) 763-6501 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our high speed fiber services available for Alexandria businesses.

The ALP Business Communications Advantage
  • Equal upload and download speeds (synchronous)
  • 24/7 Alexandria based support
  • Redundant Services Available
  • Static IP addresses
  • No contracts
  • Our Services

    Direct Fiber Internet

    A dedicated fiber connection to your business linking you to the internet. Prices starting at $69.95 / mo.

    Point to Point Services

    A connection linking two locations together. Prices starting at $295 / mo.

    Office Complex Fiber (OCF) Internet

    A dedicated fiber connection into an office complex providing individualized internet to offices within the building. See below for available locations. Prices starting at $19.95 / mo.

    OCF Locations