Rebates & Services

Bright Energy Solutions

Bright Energy Solutions is a portfolio of energy efficiency cash incentive programs that will help you reduce your power costs and operate more efficiently. These programs are offered by ALP and Missouri River Energy Services, one of ALP's power suppliers. Rebates are available for lighting; motors/pumps/VFDS; cooling/chillers; food services and custom projects.

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Infrared Testing

Alexandria Light and Power has teamed up with Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) to help businesses detect potential equipment failures and reduce repair costs and downtime. This quick, easy and non-intrusive predictive maintenance service will put your company on the path to saving time and money.

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Ultrasonic Testing

What You Can't Hear Can Hurt You - And Your Bottom Line

Bearing failures, compressed air or gas leaks, or process steam leaks can cost your company thousands of dollars in electric bills, downtime and lost profits. An ultrasonic inspection can help you schedule repairs and avoid downtime.

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Off-Peak Heating

Our off-peak program includes both dual fuel heating and storage heating. The electricity used as your primary heat source will be recorded on a separate meter and billed at the low off-peak rate—saving 40 percent on the regular residential rate.

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Questline is an internet resource website available to our commercial and industrial customers which is provided at NO COST to you.

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Other Rebates & Services Available

Water Heater Rebates

If you purchase a top quality, energy efficient electric water heater, you can receive a rebate. To qualify, the water heater must be an electric water heater with a minimum tank capacity of 50 gallons and must have an energy efficiency factor of 92% or greater. Customers receiving a rebate will automatically be enrolled in our load management program.

Water Heater Rebate Form