2014 Electric Rates

General Service

This rate is applicable for commercial or small industrial customers with a monthly demand of 50 KVA and below:

Customer Charge - Single Phase - $15.00/Month

Customer Charge - Three Phase - $21.00/Month

Energy Charge per kWh:  June - August   $0.09

                                             September - May  $0.081

The monthly customer charged will be billed even it the service is disconnected.

Commercial Power

This rate is for large general service, large commercial and industrial power customers that have loads that are in excess of 50 KVA of demand in three or more months.

Minimum monthly bill will be the billing demand charge but not less than 60% of the peak demand in the previous 12 months nor less than $401.00.


Available to customers that have electricity as their primary heat source with a back up system of storage heat, natural gas, or propane. The electric heat source is interrupted during utility peak loads. The back-up heat source must be designed large enough to heat the entire home or business during peak electrical load interruptions.