Infrared Testing

Alexandria Light and Power has teamed up with Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) to help businesses detect potential equipment failures and reduce repair costs and downtime. This quick, easy and non-intrusive predictive maintenance service will put your company on the path to saving time and money.

Preventing Electrical or Mechanical Equipment Failure

An infrared inspection of your electrical equipment and motors can measure and record temperature differences that are early indicators of a problem in the equipment. "Hot spots" in electrical equipment can indicate a loose connection, a phase imbalance, an overloaded circuit, or a poor fuse clip connection. Heat build-up in motors can provide an early warning of problems with windings, bearings and alignment. Infrared inspections can also be used to locate water-damaged insulation and leaks on flat roofs, as well as energy losses in your building envelope.

Reduce Downtime

Nearly all industrial plants experience unscheduled downtime from the failure of an electrical or mechanical component. An infrared inspection can help you reduce downtime by locating problems in their early stages, before they cause a failure. Once hot spots are detected, repairs or replacements can be made under controlled conditions—decreasing the possibility of unplanned equipment failure and avoiding costly production downtime. You can use the infrared inspection services annually to inspect breaker panels, motor control centers, switch disconnects, bus bars, transformers, capacitors, motors, and more.

Infrared Saves Time and Money

The ability to reduce plant operating costs and unscheduled downtime is key in competitive industries. The infrared scanning service enhances your ability to trouble-shoot problems, and even more importantly, provides you with a detailed, full-color report of every item inspected. The written report is a great predictive maintenance tool that allows you to compare the precise temperature variations from one inspection to the next.

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