Power Supply

Alexandria Light and Power purchases about 35 percent of its power from Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). WAPA is one of four Federal power marketing administrations. It markets and transmits about 10,000 megawatts of power from 56 hydropower plants.

The other 65 percent is purchased from Missouri River Energy Services (MRES). MRES is a joint action agency of 60 municipal electric utilities in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. MRES gets 281 megawatts of power from the coal-fired Laramie River Station, one of the nation's most efficient power plants; 52 megawatts from the Watertown Power Plant, a combustion turbine; and 150 megawatts from the Exira Station, which has three combustion turbines. Additional generation is provided from wind resources and from smaller generating units that are located, owned, operated, and maintained by member utilities.


Alexandria Light and Power facilitates interconnects to our 115kV line segments utilizing documentation guidelines from Otter Tail Power Company's website at: