Utility Board

Alexandria Light and Power is governed by a five member utility board known as the Board of Public Works. Board members are appointed by the Alexandria City Council. The Alexandria Board of Public Works establishes rates for consumers and is the policy making entity that regulates the operations of Alexandria Light and Power.

Board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of every month beginning at 4:00 p.m. and are open to the public. Special meetings and meeting date changes are posted in the local newspaper, The Echo Press. If you have business that you would like to bring before the Board of Public Works, please contact the ALP office.

Our current utility board consists of Ed Rooney, Kevin Mahoney, Steve Senden, John Perino and Rick Paulsen.

Ed Rooney: Ed currently serves as the Board's Chairman and has been a board member since 1980. He owns and operates Cowing-Robards, Inc. The business began as a hardware store and has branched out over the years. His family-owned business now meets many different needs for the Alexandria community including: full-service rental store, painting and decorating store, sporting goods store, marketing solutions store (embroidery, silk screening), Jackie J's Bridal and Formal Wear and Natural Expressions - a women's clothing boutique.

Kevin Mahoney: Kevin is the Board Vice-Chairman. He is owner of Coldwell Banker/Crown, Realtors. Before becoming a board member is 1994, Kevin served as a city council member for nine years.

Steve Senden: Steve owns and operates the Culligan business in Alexandria. Steve also owned and operated Wedum Supply for many years until he recently sold to Dakota Supply Group. Steve became a board member in 1997.

John Perino: John has been an Alexandria businessman for many years. He is currently the owner of Tentelino Enterprises and operates the Midway Mall Cinema 9, John served as Alexandria's mayor for several years before becoming a board member on January 1, 2005.

Rick Paulsen: Rick is President of the Douglas Machine, Inc. in Alexandria. Douglas Machine is one of ALP's larger industrial companies. Rick became a board member on January 1, 2007.