About ALP

Alexandria Light and Power is a city-owned utility that is committed to provide the most reliable service for electric, water and telecommunications at the lowest possible price.

ALP serves over 9,100 residential, commercial and industrial electric customers in the greater Alexandria area and the City of Nelson. We provide electric service to an area of approximately 35 square miles. The City of Alexandria has seen tremendous growth in the past several years. ALP's substation, transmission and distribution systems have all recently been upgraded to meet the needs of the community and provide reliable power in to the future. ALP has four distribution substations with a total MVA rating of 92.4.

ALP's water services receives its water supply from seven wells. The water is pumped in to ALP's filtration plant where it is treated and pumped in to the distribution system. The treatment capacity of the plant is 3.38 million gallons per day.

ALP offers broadband-over-fiber service to the community. It is currently being used for high-speed data transfer to the Internet and also allows communication directly between buildings in the city.

At ALP, we strive to provide low-cost, reliable service with a friendly, personal touch. After all, we are your friends and neighbors who share your values and understand your needs. That's what makes a local, city-owned utility a valuable asset to citizens and the community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Alexandria Light and Power is to provide our customers with safe and reliable electric, water, telecommunications and other utility services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner.